Murv Douglas - Vocals
Sondra D - Vocals
Alex Elizondo - Drums
Matthew Knox - Bass
Diamonds N Scratch is a dance/electronic group in the musical vain of Nikki Manaj, and David Guetta. We feature Murv Douglas' soulful vocals that beg for affection, juxtaposed with the sassy, quick , sharp, and melodic rappy style of Sondra D. These vocals dance over the top of the DJ driven sound backed by a live drummer, and live keyboard/backing vocal, and live bass player. The band shows up colorful, fun, and larger than life, delivering an emotional party driven love story in every song.Diamonds N Scratch has a distinct musical style featuring pop/techno hooks, dance/house elements, and soulful male and female voicing. With a passion stemming from the challenges of ethnic diversity, Murv Douglas’ unique heritage including Armenian and African American led him to the youth identity crisis that spawned his enigmatic approach to writing music, and to his life today.
As a touring/session bass player for Lords of Acid, Revolting Cocks and Powerman 5000, Cage 9 and the Kidney Thieves, Murv polished his musical skills to become one of the most accomplished bass players in the LA scene. Singer/keyboardist (and pinup model) Sondra D (formerly of Spaz March) worked with Murv on defining a sound that involves male and female vocal styling, dance sensibility and pop hooks. Sondra's uniquely sassy vocal presence ads a flare and sexy feel that is larger than life. With Alex Elizondo on Drums, the dance-pop act becomes one of the few live shows that features the live band feel, beckoning to the days when the Black Eyed Peas featured a full band live. A sight to be seen, Alex's heavy hitting smooth style reveals a feel that has seldom been seen before. With Mattew Knox on Bass, Diamonds N Scratch is one of the few dance-pop acts that includes a live band, making them truly a force to be reckoned with in the dance-pop world. Diamonds N Scratch is the end result of the musical passion, and personalities of Sondra, Alex, Matthew and Murv.
Black Belt Studios